Lady Belle: My passion for scent ignited with a spritz of Beautiful X Estee  Lauder at age 15....

That one moment froze time and the realm of exquisite scents revealed itself to me ... 


Fast forward, to my early twenties, where I noticed many individuals using these liquid bottles, often available for a few dollars at local stores.

During this time i was going through a difficult breakup  and started purchasing self care sets from popular local brands to help heal myself. 

Soon people noted what i created and I started making self care baskets for myself and for them as well.

After a little  bit of a hiatus i got back into using scents to soothe unhealed emotional wounds

I chose to purchase a few perfume oils  from a local oil seller and rediscovered my passion for scents. It wasn't long before I started crafting my own unique blends and sharing them wherever possible. 

On April 5th, 2020, my daughter and I launched Belaviaire, a fragrant bath and body  brand dedicated to inspiring body care and luxurious fragrances.


 Aromas alter your mood and perspective... scents are a potent tool we can utilize to not only smell good but feel even better.

Self love is expressed through our self care rituals. It's essential, not optional. We're here to help customers develop self care routines that lead to self-love at its peak.